Thursday, February 23, 2017

Burial : A Traditional Deceased Treatment

A different way compared to cremation in handling the deceased, bury our dead in the soil is the traditional way for a long time. Where the body of the deceased was deposited into the soil to a depth some distance. And the body can be covered using a coffin or not also depends on the particular beliefs.

How to handle the corpse in a manner buried in the ground has been made since time immemorial. And is still being implemented in many countries, certain religious groups and communities.

For them this way is believed to be still the best. Although now there are other ways of handling the corpse in a manner that is also increasingly popular cremation.

Buried at the cemetery in a way this can be preceded by a procession of funerals. But it depends on the habits of the place and also certain beliefs espoused.

If passed by the funeral service, then there will be the usual funeral service followed by use of funeral program. In addition, the body will be displayed at a ceremony in the coffin

After the ceremony, the funeral procession may be performed after the hole has been excavated tombs. At the time of the funeral, the beliefs and certain traditions, there is a ceremony in itself.

That is why you should know what funeral order of service you write on the program. Because each location, region has their own tradition that different from other places. And you can write your funeral order of service program from in form of funeral program that you can download for free.

This is usually done at the funeral ceremony at the funeral home on other beliefs. So the funeral service combined with the implementation of the cemetery itself.

At the time of the funeral, the body and the coffin is inserted simultaneously. But on another belief, the corpse is not included along with the coffin. The bodies wrapped only use that is usually made specifically for that purpose.

Coffins commonly used are made of wood or a mixture of chemicals. Artificial wooden coffin will be easily destroyed Simultaneously with age buried in the soil.

However coffin made of chemicals will not be merged with the ground due to the different chemical properties.

But this time had begun much effort funeral services and awareness of families to use a coffin that is either naturally by nature. Where the coffin is made of natural wood.

The type of wood used may be bamboo, wood press, and others.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What Are Needed In Cremation

Almost most people in America do the cremation of those who have died. Of course this is quite surprising because there have been changes in the tradition of customs bodies to bury the body and turn it into ashes.

Where the process is done by changing the body's corpse to ashes carried by a short time and cost efficient when compared to the traditional way to bury.

But there are still a lot of ordinary people who do not know any kind that is required in conducting the cremation. And following what information is needed in planning a cremation.


Of course casket is not required in the process of cremation. But if the family wanted the bodies to be displayed in prayer before the cremation ceremony, the coffin is required.

You can buy the coffin, or easier to hire the services of providers coffin.

Funeral Director

Basically funeral director is not required in the cremation process. Instead, family, colleagues or relatives can replace funeral director.

Unless there is a prayer ceremony before the cremation is done, then you can request the presence of a funeral director.


Place as the container the ashes of course need to be prepared. But the question is, do you need to buy it at a great price.

Because not all the surviving family is able to set up an urn at a great price, then you can replace it with another model with a relatively cheap price. But of course with the urn that looks beautiful. This is done to honor the deceased.

Direct Cremation

Many families choose how cremation services directly without going through the process of a funeral or memorial service in advance.

This is done in order to reduce the additional costs before the deceased is displayed in the coffin. You can ask how much it will cost to you saving this way the cremation service you come across.